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I teach at a large primary school with a roll close to 400. My task as the Director of the school production meant I had to showcase our senior students as well as ensuring every student in the school was also on stage performing at some point. What made this production possible was the support I had from Monica from the very beginning with ideas and she was happy for me to adapt the script where needed, which gave me flexibility when casting. The children were quick to pick up the lyrics of all the songs as they were catchy with great tunes. Even though it was a cast of 400 ‘Noah’ was incredibly fun and the children loved it. Parents and staff raved about the show and could not believe how amazing it was. Perfect Primary School Musical!

-Erin Kreft, St Joseph’s, Papanui, Christchurch, New Zealand


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I am not a particularly creative or musical person and previously had very little experience with anything theatrical let alone directing a School Musical. I had no difficulty using the Productions created by Monica and had an enormous amount of fun in the process. It was a great opportunity to work with the children and I would do it over again.

--Kathryn Mason, Sacred Heart School, Invercargill

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The children have loved every minute Monica! The Snow White script has us in fits of laughter! It was be a fab show..Totally recommend School Musicals from www.monicamooreproductions.com!!!!

--Kate McIlwrick, St Theresa's School, Invercargill

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Thank you Monica, we found Maui excellent, the directions were clearly explained but most importantly the cast had a fantastic time and have been singing the songs at home, in the bath, with their friends, EVERYWHERE.

--Shona Hewlett, Director, Southland, New Zealand

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Our elder grand-daughter was in a production in Aspendale, Victoria, Australia. I timed my visit from the UK so that I could see her in her first school production. I loved the music and the original telling of this well-known Bible story. The children obviously enjoyed performing it and it was a very memorable evening.

--Margaret Byford, United Kingdom

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Moses was an amazing musical show filled with the most incredible talent that a school could ever wish for! Marcellin College, you are the home to these STARS!! All brought together by the fabulous choreographer, James Moore and the person who can make dreams come true for so many people on the stage - Monica Moore... You are a true inspiration.

-- Natalie McPherson, Parent, Auckland New Zealand

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The show in one word was AMAZING! The comments from the parents were that it was the best show the school has ever put on. It was the type of show that highlighted the all the gifts and qualities our kids have.

--Kim Tautari,St Peter Chanel School, Hamilton

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The children have loved every minute Monica! Being in the Great Adventure has given me the opportunity to showcase my God given talents. I am honoured that I was a part of something special, something I've never tried before. It's changed my life, it's taught me that my peers will be with me throughout the show knowing we have have each other's backs. This has been my first ever professional show. The experience of being in front of a supportive audience, being able to work together as a family to get through tough times. I'd like to thank the Director of it all Monica for making it all possible for us young talented students. We are truly blessed and thankful for your presence.

--Nive Ah Wa, Student, Auckland New Zealand.

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Having been part of two Musicals from Monica Moore Productions (Moses and Snow White?) (and seen a few others), I can say that they are great fun, brilliantly written and usable but also adaptable for any and all casts. Monica is an amazing writer and such an encouraging person to work with as she wants the best show possible but wants to see the casts and crew grow in their performance capabilities, confidence and love of singing and acting. You won't be going wrong if you use a Monica Moore Production.

-Jacqueline Turner, Auckland New Zealand.

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Snow White was an experience I will never forget! Dancing and singing to amazingly funny songs. This show is hilarious, especially when the teachers dance on stage and when the audience got involved. I will never forget this school musical.

--Jacqueline Turner,Senior High School student, Auckland

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At the end of the show I felt like never wanted it to end. But unfortunately it had to. Moses 2014, The Great Adventure 2016 both from Monica Moore Productions. Now I have all these memories treasured somewhere special.

--Sam Veamoi, Student, Auckland New Zealand.

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Thank you so much Monica for everything and for creating such a wonderful production that the cast and the audiences LOVED so much. I loved the experience I had in this production and the faith that Monica had in me to play a lead role even though I had not been on stage before. Being part of this amazing production made me realise the passion and the talent I have for performing arts. High School Blues opened doors for me as I have gone on to study Performing Arts at tertiary level. High School Blues will always be with me and is the reason why I’m the person I am today. This show gave me the opportunity to find something that I loved doing. I found a whole new world.

--Shauntelle Jones, Senior High School Student, Marcellin College, Auckland New Zealand.