Stage Musicals - Maui

A powerful and dramatic rock opera with superb music and an element of fun. This Stage Musical is suitable for casts of all ages with a Junior and a Senior version available. The music is very moving and this show is ideal for Operatic Societies and School Musicals that have a strong musical direction.

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NoahSchool Musicals

A timeless setting that mixes modern day with biblical times. This is one of our most popular stage musicals! Suitable for all Stage Musicals including School Musicals and Theatre Productions.

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Sky on Friday

sky on friday cover

Friendship, life skills and an environmental message are presented in this great adventure, which captivates young minds.

Also available in a Children's book.

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Snow White

Snow White Email 3

This hilarious modern day pantomime is suitable for School Musicals and Musical Theatre Productions. This highly entertaining show is perfect for those looking for a great comedy!

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High School Blues

Stage Musicals - High School Blues

This Show has been described as the new 'Grease'. Perfect for High School Musicals and Theatre groups. Suited for teens through to adults with both minor and cameo roles for younger students, parents and teachers. This is one of our most popular shows for secondary School Musicals.

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The Great Adventure13235453_947415322022610_744868535566635202_o

This highly entertaining Stage Musical portrays the power of self-belief, the importance of friendship, and about the importance of our environment, as well has have a rollicking good time!

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Stage Musicals - Maui

The Pacific meets the East in this adaptation of 'The Legends of Maui'. Great fun with a strong message. Suitable for any age group with both a Children's and Teenage adaptation available!

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The Inkeeperputonamusical The Innkeeper Graphic

A Christmas story Stage Musical with a twist. This show has both original and known music and is easy to produce at such a busy time of year! Perfect School Musical for Primary Schools.

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